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ONGC Sagar Samrat As Mobile Offshore Prod Unit

During a ceremony, The Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri re-dedicated ONGC Sagar Samrat (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation’s) famous drilling rig Sagar Samrat as a mobile offshore production unit (MOPU). Later, to meet the energy soldiers of ONGC and their families, the minister went to the grounds of the ONGC Kendriya Vidyalaya in Panvel Phase 1. Puri argued that the organisation has to adopt new key performance indicators (KPIs) that are focused on efficiency and time-bound outputs.

The amount of sedimentary basin acres that ONGC (ONGC Sagar Samrat) now owns will increase considerably more during the next few days. He emphasised the need for the organisation to put forth the extra effort to turn its “still to find” land into discovery fields, production assets, and maximum production assets.

Teams within ONGC that are working on the three phases’ various procedures need to refocus to hit these goals more quickly, according to Puri.

According to the minister, India is currently the world’s largest economy with the highest rate of growth. It is also the world’s third-largest consumer of energy, fourth-largest refiner, sixth-largest importer of petroleum products, and seventh-largest exporter of petroleum products.

“By 2040, India’s energy demand is projected to increase by roughly 3% annually, compared to a global increase of 1%. In addition, India will account for 25% of the increase in global energy demand between 2020 and 2040 because of its rapidly expanding economy and demographic dividend. However, India imported $120 billion worth of petroleum products in FY 2021–22 or 85% of its total petroleum demand. India’s Amrit Kaal cannot be realised if energy independence is not attained by 2047 “said Puri.

After that, the minister met with the ONGC workers who ran the Sagar Samrat drilling rig and the group responsible for converting it into a MOPU. He inspired the Sagar Samrat team, whom he referred to as the “energy troops of the nation,” to continue working toward India’s energy security.

Sagar Samrat, according to Puri, is a testament to India’s aim of generating its oil at a time when the country was considered to be “barren” in terms of hydrocarbon exploration.

The minister stated that ONGC has consistently dedicated itself to the pursuit of knowledge, continual excellence, and the commitment to advance technologically to exploit India’s most notable and productive oilfield.

Source: Economic TimesONGC Sagar Samrat

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