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Jamshedpur’s Blast Furnace Will Test Hydrogen Gas Injection for Tata Steel

To use less metallurgical coke and lower carbon emissions, Indian steel producer Tata Steel Ltd. announced recently that it had started an experiment for injecting hydrogen gas at its flagship plant’s blast furnace.

On Sunday, the business started the trial injection at the facility in the eastern city of Jamshedpur using 40% of the injection systems, according to a statement from Tata Steel.

According to the business, which wants to achieve net zero by 2045, this is the first time in history that such a significant amount of hydrogen gas has been continually pumped into a blast furnace.

The study, which is planned to run continuously for four to five days, has the potential to cut the coke rate by 10%, which would result in a 7%–10% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of crude steel produced, it was further said.

According to the business, the trial will offer information on how to run blast furnaces with cleaner fuel injections, which would reduce the need for fossil fuel and the resultant CO2 emissions from the blast furnace.

India has decided to use hydrogen at a time when it has set green hydrogen consumption objectives for particular industries, like steel, to spur demand for cleaner fuel in its quest to achieve net zero emissions by 2070.

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Source: Mint Live

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