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India Energy Week 2023: Growth | Collaboration | Transition

India Energy Week 2023 is a week-long event hosted by the Ministry of Power, Government of India. The event is held every year to promote energy awareness and foster the development of energy-efficient technologies. The event is organized by the Ministry of Power along with its partner organizations such as the World Bank, Niti Aayog, and the International Energy Agency. 

The event is aimed at bringing together various stakeholders, including policymakers, industry leaders, energy experts, and investors, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. The event also seeks to promote collaboration between government and industry in the energy sector.  

The event is held in multiple cities across India and includes a series of activities such as workshops, seminars, and exhibitions.

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India Energy Week 2023

India Energy Week 2023

From February 6–8, 2023, at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, will host the inaugural India Energy Week. Global politicians and energy leaders will convene at the event to promote discussion on how India can manage growing energy demand by combining biofuels, green hydrogen, renewable energy, and conventional energy. 


Over the next two decades, India is expected to have the biggest increase in energy consumption of all the countries, as its economy continues to expand and offer possibilities to both its citizens and the global energy value chain. Global energy markets will be significantly impacted by India’s energy revolution.


Agenda of India Energy Week 2023

Energy leaders from across India will discuss current plans on how India looks to diversify its energy mix through gas, biofuels, and hydrogen to unlock its full potential and achieve net zero by 2070, in line with the energy commitments set by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during COP26 to combat climate change. This event is the first significant energy event on the calendar under India’s G20 Presidency.



India will invest over USD 300 billion in upscaling the sector, increasing its renewable energy capacity to 500 GW by 2030, and achieving net zero by 2070 as part of its responsible, full-scale energy transition. India hopes to supply dependable renewable energy to vulnerable populations through One Sun, One World, One Grid, forging a new path for developing nations navigating the energy transition.


Participating Countries in IEW 2023

United States of America, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Russian Federation, Thailand, France

This event is going to play an important role in laying the foundation for India to become energy independent and achieve net-zero 2030. IEW 2023 offers a chance for the international community to take part in this extensive shift in India and the larger global energy sector.


In addition to learning about the innovations that will make the transition to Net Zero possible, visitors will also learn about the trends that are predicted to shape the future of the industry and unlock relationships that will determine the direction of the sector.


We, GH2 Solar, are excited to announce that we will be participating in the #IndiaEnergyWeek 2023 in Bangalore. 

At the event, we will be introducing our innovative GHaaS model for different industries. Come and explore how different industries & different ideas come together, collaborating on a common goal of achieving Net Zero.

Do visit us at stall no 3C22 at IEW (India Energy Week) 2023 Expo. 

Date: 6 to 8 Feb 2023

For more information, please give us a call at 1800-102-8685

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