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In July, India will Host an International Conference on Green Hydrogen Technologies

First, the Union government will be organizing an “International Conference on Green Hydrogen” in Delhi from July 5-7. The event will be the first such conference of this scale on green hydrogen in the country, BS Bhalla, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) said on June 28.
For the five million metric tonnes of annual green hydrogen production target, India would need an electrolyzer capacity of 60-100 gigawatts (GW), as per MNRE estimates. “Electrolyser production capacity in the world is very limited, this capacity has to come up in India. And for this, it is important that we learn and adopt the appropriate technology for electrolyzer manufacturing as well as for various individual components of the manufacturing process,” said Bhalla.

According to MNRE estimations, India will require an electrolyzer capacity of 60–100 gigawatts (GW) to meet its five million metric tonnes yearly aim for producing green hydrogen. “Global production capacity for electrolyzers is extremely constrained; India must develop this capacity. For this reason, we must understand and use the right technology for producing electrolyzers as well as for many other manufacturing-related parts, according to Bhalla.

“Through this conference, we are establishing a forum where specialists can discuss various value chain processes so that we may learn from others; this would include not just production but also marketing and collaborations. Our attention is on the entire value chain, which is crucial for the National Green Hydrogen Mission’s success, he said.

Following the Union Cabinet’s approval on January 4, the government unveiled the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM) plan on January 13. A total initial outlay of Rs 19,744 crore has been set aside, of which Rs 17,490 crore will go towards production-linked incentives (PLIs) for creating green hydrogen and making electrolyzers.

More than 1,500 delegates from India and overseas are anticipated to attend the three-day international conference, which will feature at least 25 sessions focused on creating a green hydrogen ecosystem. Representatives from the United States of America, Australia, Africa, and Europe (apart from India) will also allow delegates to hear their respective nations’ viewpoints on green hydrogen.

According to a release from the MNRE, the conference will also feature B2B and B2G discussions, as well as demonstrations and prototypes from PSUs, private businesses, and startups.

Green hydrogen standards and definitions for India will soon be published, according to Bhalla. According to him, the Bureau of Indian Standards and other organizations involved in standards have already received a report from the Working Group on Standards for Green Hydrogen Manufacturing that has about 100 recommendations.

The secretary continued by saying that to create a Green Hydrogen Hub, which is a location where production and consumption take place close to one another, the government will also develop guidelines.

“If a specific green hydrogen production facility is solely focused on exports, they would be located mostly close to the ports, and the private sector will make this decision. We are exploring the possibility of establishing green hydrogen hubs at significant ports in collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping. In addition to what the government supports, hubs may also emerge as a result of industrial activities, according to Bhalla. Hubs will be chosen for infrastructure support from the government depending on factors outlined under the strategy to be implemented.

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