Hydrogen as a Service (HaaS)
For Clean Mobility

Heavy vehicles can benefit from green hydrogen in multiple ways. Hydrogen for Clean Mobility

  • Zero emissions
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased range (Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have a longer range than battery-electric vehicles)
  • Energy independence

At GH2 Solar, we have simplified green hydrogen to make it more accessible to businesses and industries like yours that are looking to achieve the above benefits.  

Hydrogen for Clean Mobility

Hydrogen as a Service (HaaS)

At GH2 Solar, we have come up with an innovative solution to the energy needs of businesses, institutions and industries. We offer Hydrogen as a Service (Haas). Think of it as a personal assistant for your energy needs, who is always on call to provide you with the clean and renewable fuel you need, whenever and wherever you need it. With hydrogen as a service, you can say goodbye to the dirty and limited options of gasoline and diesel, and hello to a sustainable and limitless future of energy.

Continuous operations and maintenance support

GH2 Solar, the developer of HaaS, takes full ownership and liability for the system’s operation and upkeep for the duration of its useful life.

No upfront investment

The HaaS model is a zero-investment approach in which the user pays solely for the mobility service used without having to worry about any of the accompanying operations and maintenance difficulties. All you have to do in exchange is pay a pre-defined monthly rate that is less expensive than your current tariff.

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