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GH2 Park: Proposed 26000 Acre Development

To participate in India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission, the centrally-run Deendayal Port Authority (DPA) at Kandla has proposed building a sizable renewable park (GH2 Park) for the production and distribution of this rapidly-emerging clean fuel.

For this energy park, the DPA has chosen 26,000 acres of land, and it intends to invest Rs 715 crore to build shared infrastructure facilities for private parties interested in investing in the production of green hydrogen.
To produce, store, and sell green hydrogen and green ammonia, ten private enterprises have submitted expressions of interest (EOI) to the port trust.

“The high level of interest by the private players demonstrates the confidence among market players in the potential of green hydrogen and green ammonia,” said SK Mehta, head of the DPA, in an interview. The project highlights Kandla’s appeal as a prime site for the development and marketing of this fuel.

According to Mehta, the port would build new infrastructure to facilitate the import and export of this gas.

Hydrogen and oxygen are separated from water to create green hydrogen. To finish the process, electrolysis is used, which is fueled by renewable energy sources like sun or wind.

Green hydrogen is hailed as a realistic alternative for the achievement of the national mission, which calls for being energy self-sufficient by 2047 and emitting no net carbon emissions by 2070.

Renewable energy can be transported and stored via a variety of green hydrogen applications. It can be used to generate electricity and power vehicles like trains, buses, and other big ones. Ammonia produced from hydrogen can be utilized in gas-fired power plants to produce energy when demand is at its highest. Its use in power plants using coal lowers carbon emissions.

Given that it currently has seven oil jetties with associated pipelines, the port will offer import-export services.

Source: Times Of India

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