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We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for large-scale engineering projects in a variety of industries. Our experienced team of engineers, procurement specialists, and construction professionals work together seamlessly to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

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Solar Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services

Benefits you can get From our EPC Services

We will provide you a detailed scope of work which includes technical and functional specifications of any facility or machinery along with a specific date of completion. We will hand you the entire completed project which is fully operational at “turn of the key”

Sole Responsibility of Whole Project

Only we are solely responsible for delivering your entire project. We will undertake everything designing, procurement, engineering, testing works, and commissioning. Along with that we will be liable for any defects and rectifications.

Fixed Contract

We offer a fixed price on our EPC services with no hidden charges. It means we will take care of the cost overruns and cost savings. We also offer a performance bond to protect your interest so you are assured that your investment is safe.

Guaranteed Performance Deliveries

We guarantee to deliver quality work and we assure you to provide our best performance guarantees backed by a pre estimated performance liquidated payable charges in case of any under achieving performance.

Fixed Completion

We will provide a fixed date of completion from the date of commencement. Also we are responsible for detailed inspection, testing and commissioning, taking care of all the aspects of the project before handing over everything.

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