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Energy Meeting’s Opening Day Focuses On Biofuel & GH2

According to Alok Kumar, secretary of the ministry of power, the first Energy Transitions Working Group meeting of the Indian G20 Presidency was a success. (Biofuel) He told reporters on Sunday that the first meeting’s formalities had all been accomplished and that the opinions and suggestions put forth by the several research groups had gotten favorable replies.

The five high-priority technologies—electrolysers, fuel cells, carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS), Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) battery storage, and steam methane reforming (SMR)—were addressed by the recommendations made to the working group, and they received positive feedback. Everyone agreed that encouraging international cooperation in these priority areas would hasten the development and commercialization of these technologies.

He also added that there was widespread support for a biofuel alliance with nations like Indonesia, Brazil, and the US that specialise in biofuels. He speculated that the launch of 20% ethanol blending may also be announced as part of India Energy Week. India has predicted two fuels that will be crucial in maintaining a supply of clean energy in the future: biofuels and green hydrogen. With 10% blending accomplished, India has done fairly well to promote ethanol blending; this would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions five months earlier than expected. As part of India Energy Week, there may also be a 20% blending announcement on Monday, the speaker stated.

He added that it might be possible to develop a Center of Excellence to advance green hydrogen in the nation. Concerning green hydrogen, “we plan to evolve principles for high-level international collaboration,” he stated. The Power Ministry has also agreed to an MoU with Malaysia to upgrade Malaysia’s street lighting.

Source: The New Indian Express

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