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Enapter Secures EURO 25M Bond for Green Hydrogen

Berlin-based producer of environmentally friendly hydrogen, Enapter secures €25M (Million) bearer bond with Patrimonium Middle Market Debt Fund.

The plug-and-play electrolyzer technology from Enapter, which uses a catalyst to separate hydrogen energy from oxygen molecules, will benefit from the two-year bond to fulfill production orders.

The International Energy Agency estimates that switching from conventional sources of hydrogen to green ones could prevent carbon emissions of 830 million tonnes. However, building and operating electrolyzers is expensive, and the IEA estimates that around 3,000 TWh/year of renewable energy will be required to replace conventional sources.

There have been numerous approaches suggested for water electrolyzers to produce renewable hydrogen. For instance, Latvia’s Naco focuses on research and development to create cost-effective catalysts, utilising innovative materials and nanosurface coatings to lessen the role of rare metal components like platinum, which provide a significant challenge for scale-up green hydrogen producers.

The catalyst used by Enapter is a thin membrane sheet that functions as a sort of filter for hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The specific method called an “anion exchange membrane,” uses a semipermeable material made of electrically neutral and ionized conducting components that work together to separate hydrogen and oxygen into different electrodes.

The Italian business chose a software-controlled modular technology with each electrolyzer unit being around the size of an air conditioner, allowing it to be expanded based on the desired energy production.

The same basic technology is used in 420 of Enapter’s standard electrolyzer cores that make up a “megawatt-class” green hydrogen plant.

Enapter’s technology will probably be highly sought-after as a renewable energy source not only in Europe but also beyond.

Enapter was chosen by Taiwanese renewable energy contractor Hephas Energy to provide 20 of its electrolyzer units as the country opted to quicken its transition to a more environmentally friendly electricity supply by 2025.

To create a reserve that can be used if the wind or solar farms are unable to produce enough energy, the majority of the green hydrogen will be used for electricity storage.

Its durability is interesting because green hydrogen can be utilized as a direct replacement for conventional natural gas and other kinds of hydrogen in industrial plants, and cars, and as a backup for energy distribution systems.

With 264 end users in 50 countries right now, Enapter already has consumers all over the world. Also, each customer receives a smart energy management interface that continuously tracks the production of green hydrogen.

Source: Tech.EU

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